Generate code for your android app and deliver your app in pace.

Generate Form code

Generate code for Forms/ Detail screen, Set API to save data or set API to get data in screen, Add all types of fields and get the ready to use java code for android app.

Generate Gridview code.

Generate code for Item list, Photo gallery, Product list etc. Using GridView Component.

Get working java code

Get ready to incorporate java code required only some minor changes.

Generate form code Features

  • Generate code for Form or Detail screen.
  • Add unlimited fields of all types.
  • Set API for post data to serer or Api to get data from server to fill Form/Detail screen.
  • Get the ready to use Activity code and xml layout code both.
  • Change field order by drag and drop.

Generate code for GridView.

Build Image Gallery, Product list with endless scrollbar.

Add unlimited TextView and ImageView

Change the order of fields by drag and drop.

Set API Url to get data from sever.

Easy to Use & Customizeble

Very easy to use interface, We save your work for future use. you can customize the fields and unlimited exports are available for limited users.

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